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Putu Ben, Den enda svenska talande guide på ön Bali

We are different, because of:

  1. We created our own unique tour packages which are specially designed to show you the less discovered places of Bali. In a convenient way you will get to discover 'the Real Bali'.

  2. We offer a professional and caring approach to you as a customer, because of our deep understanding of the western culture and manners. We make sure you feel comfortable in this totally different and new culture.

  3. We offer private and personalized tours. In this way you are able to enjoy the beauty of Bali on your own pace and get the personal attention that you deserve. 

          More information about our unique tour packages.

Putu Ben is a certified member of the Indonesian Tourist Guide Association (ITGA). 

Banjar Jeleka, Batuan, 
80582, Bali - Indonesia

Contact us

   +62 812 3831 3327
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